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About Suzi and Doga


Suzi Teitelman "The Creator and Founder of Doga"

This website is your connection to the heart of Doga.  A place where you can become a certifed Doga teacher or just act like one to your dogs. You can study the video on your own, or train directly with the creator of yoga for dogs Suzi Teitelman. Suzi and her dog Coali created Doga in 2001 while working at Crunch Fitness in NYC.  As the Director of Yoga for Crunch, Suzi implemented Doga onto the Crunch schedule across the country of Crunches....and that was the just the beginning of an international love of yoga with your dog.  Suzi and her black Cocker Coali, taught Doga together for 15 years.  Since his passing, Suzi still teaches Doga with her now 3 dogs, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Suzi teaches locally, does online trainings, and also travels to events.  Get in touch and make Doga happen for you and your dogs, and your yoga and dog community!  


Do Doga Furever

Doga is for all pups and people!  It is never too late to start practicing Doga with your best friend and love.  Suzi offers personalized training programs to know more doga for yourself, or to become a Doga teacher.  You don't have to be a yoga teacher to become a doga teacher. Each student comes to Suzi needing different attention, and she will be with you forever, once you start your training.  Once you begin your training, Suzi is in your back pocket furever!  Seriously, Suzi is now your partner in your new Doga life


Become a Doga Teacher-or just be one for your Dogs

Doga is more than just an exercise, it is a lifestyle, and a way to be.  We need more Doga teachers across the world.  If you love dogs, and yoga, you can share it with those you love.

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Receive the Daily Doga Dose

When you become a subscribed monthly member to DogaDog, you have access to the Daily Doga Dose!  Yes, that is dose!  Receive your daily dose of needed doga.  That is how doga should be, like medicine.  Take some doga daily, and you'll be your own doctor!  Keep you and your dog feeling healthy and happy, on a daily basis, with Suzi and her dogs.  Her dogs, are big and small, so you will see poses for all sizes of people and pets.

Join Dogadog and receive the DVD for FREE

When you join to be a monthly member, you get the Doga Video private youtube links, to help start off your doga life.

Email Suzi with any questions

Get in touch with Suzi Teitelman with any questions about becoming a monthly member!

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The Doga Video


($5.00 shipping)

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An instructional DVD on how to do Doga at home with your dogs.  You will be able to upload the DVD upon purchase, and a hard copy dvd will be mailed to you.


The Doga Video & Written Manual


($10.00 shipping)

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Take Doga a step deeper with adding the online Video together with the written word on how to do doga, What doga is and where it came from.


Deeper Doga with Suzi


($10.00 shipping)

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Not only do you get the video and the manual, but you also get 2 phone calls or skype sessions with Suzi to talk all you want about Doga.


Train to be a Certified Doga Teacher


($16.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In addition to the video, manual, and unlimited chats with Suzi, you also get the new book The Autobiography of a Dogi.  In this training you will be prepared to teach Doga. This is a Doga certification program. Call Suzi with any questions, and to talk about how the training pryogram is created around you.  The training program, is all about making sure you have all the tools you specifically need to teach Doga.  If you are not a yoga teacher already, or you are, I am help you understand how to put a Doga class together.  A class that will grow with you and your dogs your whole life.  Doga is a practice that goes on always.  Between you and your dog, and those you bring Doga too.  Suzi will help you now, and be your teacher even in the future.  Once you start a training with Suzi, she will always be there for you. 

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To avoid shipping fees above, which area Paypal fees.  You can send payment for your product or training by Venmo to Suzi Teitelman or as a "friend" at Paypal to  Or just pay above!

Contact Us

Call, text or email to talk about Doga

If you love dogs and love yoga!  Doga is for you!  Learn all about dog yoga and how you can bring it into your life with your dogs.


501 10th place south, jacksonville beach, FL 32250, US

(904) 476-2235

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