One on One Doga trainings and Daily Doga virtual classes

Become a certified Doga teacher with The founder of Doga

Become a certified Doga teacher with The founder of Doga

Become a certified Doga teacher with The founder of Doga Become a certified Doga teacher with The founder of Doga

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We need our dogs, and doga, more than ever

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The luckiest dogi in the world! 2 boys and a isn't covered in fur 2 boys and a isn't covered in fur

This beautiful creature, was stabbed and found thrown from a car.  He only has 3 legs that work.  And the sweet thing is a very strange combo too.  He was named Dark Aloe Bull, by my son Ari.  Aloe, is a to me, a mix of Bull Mastiff, and Beagle.  LOL!  He has the shortest legs, and the longest body.  Visit my blog over the years, to keep up with his journey, with his new family and doga.  He was only rescued on February 14th.  He came into my life as a new love.  I was only going to the animal control center to be a foster mom, but I think the two of us, have fallen in love.

image2 2 boys and a isn't covered in fur 2 boys and a isn't covered in fur 2 boys and a isn't covered in fur

It has been almost 20 years since I started teaching Doga with my dogs.

I started Doga with my dog Coali in 2001 in New York City.

I was the Director of Yoga for Crunch Fitness, and we turned what I was doing at home, and with my private clients, into a class.  We called it then Ruff Yoga.

Doga has come a long was.  It has become a normal class for all dogs across the world.  I have personally trained many of the world's Doga teachers.  This is one of the proudest this I have ever said about my life. I believe my purpose in life, is to create other doga teachers.

if you are interested in becoming a teacher of yoga for dogs....I am here for you.


Arden for President 2 boys and a isn't covered in fur

Arden for President

My name is Arden.  I am my mom's favorite dog.  She tells me that all the time.  She says I am her number one.  Maybe, because I was the only one poor older sister Curli, died a month ago. It was okay first, but we are missing her.  She was always here for me, and taught me so much about Doga, and life, and mommy.  I miss my Coali too.  Oh, dear, I'm being sad...I'm sorry....anyway, I'm Arden and I do make my mom so happy, and we love doing Doga together.  Come back another day, and I'll make a happier post.  Just hard with my Curli being gone....

Betty White, Suzi and doga

The Premier Episode of The Marie Osmond Show

Doga is for all dogs and all people

Doga and

Suzi is now's Doga and Dog Exercise Specialist.

Press below to learn about the latest in dogs and fitness.

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Coali's last show with Hoda and Kathie Lee


YOU can teach Doga

If you love dogs, and you love yoga, you can become a Doga teacher.  Even if you don't have a RYT certification yet, you can start your Doga teacher life right now.  With the Doga one on one training, you will be coached all the way to you teaching on your own.


The Doga Video


($5.00 shipping)

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An instructional DVD on how to do Doga at home with your dogs.  You will be able to upload the DVD upon purchase, and a hard copy dvd will be mailed to you.


The Doga Video & Written Manual


($10.00 shipping)

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Take Doga a step deeper with adding the online Video together with the written word on how to do doga, What doga is and where it came from.


Deeper Doga with Suzi


($10.00 shipping)

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Not only do you get the video and the manual, but you also get 2 phone calls or skype sessions with Suzi to talk all you want about Doga.


Train to be a Certified Doga Teacher


($16.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In addition to the video, manual, and unlimited chats with Suzi, you also get the new book The Autobiography of a Dogi.  In this training you will be prepared to teach Doga. This is a Doga certification program. Call Suzi with any questions, and to talk about how the training pryogram is created around you.  The training program, is all about making sure you have all the tools you specifically need to teach Doga.  If you are not a yoga teacher already, or you are, I am help you understand how to put a Doga class together.  A class that will grow with you and your dogs your whole life.  Doga is a practice that goes on always.  Between you and your dog, and those you bring Doga too.  Suzi will help you now, and be your teacher even in the future.  Once you start a training with Suzi, she will always be there for you. 

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I can't wait to help you with Doga!  You have come to the right place, if you are trying to get Doga into your life more than it is.  I know it can be tricky to find Doga everywhere. That is why we need more teachers.  And I can help you wherever you are in your yoga practice. Give me a call or send me an email, and before you know it, you will be teaching Doga too.


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